Offloading Initiative

The South West Regional Wound Care Program (SWRWCP) is an interdisciplinary team within the South West LHIN that focuses on integrated, evidence-informed skin and wound care for every person, every health care sector, every day. The SWRWCP has developed and implemented a Diabetic Foot Offloading initiative that incorporates the standards outlined by Health Quality Ontario (HQO).

The objectives of the Diabetic Foot Offloading initiative are as follows:
  • To ensure that every patient that has a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) within the South West LHIN receives a comprehensive assessment by a specialist (physician, nurse practitioner, advanced practice registered nurse, and/or wound care specialist)
  • To ensure that the appropriate treatment plan is designed and delivered to each patient with a DFU and that this plan incorporates client preference and supports autonomy
  • To promote the incorporation of an interdisciplinary team approach to wound healing and management
  • To promote and support a cross-sectoral approach to DFU management and prevention in order to ensure that all patients, regardless of healthcare access point, have the opportunity to receive best practice and evidenced-based care

To date, the SWRWCP has specialty clinics that prescribe and initiate total contact casting (the gold standard offloading treatment for DFU), and community nursing clinics that have received specialized training in DFU offloading and are able to apply TCC with a specialist order. These access points span the entire geography of the South West LHIN in an attempt to breakdown geographical barriers to receiving timely and appropriate care. We are actively striving to increase our capacity for both our specialty sites and community nursing clinics. For an up-to-date list of sites, please click below:

Specialty Sites and Specialized Community Nursing Clinics

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