Resources for Health Care Providers

Nurse completing wound documentation.

The 'Resources for Health Care Providers' page is intended to be accessed by:

  • Front line health care providers involved in skin and wound care;
  • Health care managers, facilitators, administrators, and leaders;
  • Clinical educators;
  • Professional groups with an interest in skin and wound care;
  • 'Wound Care Champions', and;
  • Health care students and schools.

Here you will find links to important information about evidence-informed skin and wound care, including (but not limited to):

  • Patient and wound assessment, management and prevention guidelines, tools and algorithms;
  • Self-care dressing guides;
  • Patient pamphlets;
  • Links to articles, documents and websites of interest;
  • Healthcare sector specific resources;
  • Teaching resources, and;

We sincerely hope that this website will be a useful and interactive space for all of you, and we welcome your feedback (

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