Strategic Direction

1.0 Advocate for the seamless, timely and equitable delivery of evidence-informed skin and wound care to the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) population 1.1 We equally engage representatives from all healthcare sectors in the South West LHIN in achievement of the Program goals.
1.2  We ensure equal representation from all areas of the South West LHIN on the Program's Strategic Steering Committee and Learning Collaboratives.
1.3 We promote non-judgmental, open, clear, factual, un-biased, constructive conversations among our Program members.
2.0 Effectively engage with our healthcare system partners 2.1 We effectively connect our healthcare system partners with appropriate supports.
2.2 We respond to our healthcare system partners' needs, respecting their skills and strengths.
2.3 Partnerships result in integrated person-centered solutions, furthering integrated evidence-informed skin and wound care in the South West LHIN.
3.0  Promote the application of evidence-informed, person-centered skin and wound care to the South West LHIN population, regardless of the healthcare setting 3.1  We create and maintain evidence-informed standardized clinical guidelines for skin and wound care.
3.2  We create and maintain a sustainable system-wide skin and wound care education model and process (the 'Toolkit').
4.0 Use resources effectively, efficiently, and responsibly 4.1 We promote value for money, using the principles of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness to achieve our goals.
4.2 We support improving outcomes through aligned data collection, regular wound care reporting systems, innovation and technology.



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