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The South West Regional Wound Care Program (SWRWCP) is committed to PARING:


  • Doing with others as we would have them do with us;
  • Practicing active listening to empathize with and connect with each other as Learning Collaborative and Strategic Steering Committee members, with people in the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) with skin and wound care issues, and with our healthcare system partners;
  • Engaging persons with skin and wound care issues as partners in the management of their skin and wound care and helping them to help themselves by building on their own strengths to achieve their best health outcomes;
  • Being caring and dedicated, going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of those with skin and wound care issues, to increase their independence and improve their quality of life, and;
  • Standing in the shoes of those with skin and wound care issues, to act with concern and compassion.

Accountable and Transparent:

  • Promoting the responsible, prudent, and equitable allocation of financial and human resources of our healthcare system partners for skin and wound care, by advocating for the adoption and adherence to evidence-informed skin and wound assessment, management, and prevention practices;
  • Promoting that public funds allocated to skin and wound services provide value for money, consistent with our vision and mission, and;
  • Seeking to communicate openly among ourselves, with persons with skin and wound care issues and healthcare system partners, while being transparent in our actions and decisions.

Respectful of One Another:

  • Treating others with respect and dignity;
  • Promoting a collaborative working environment that values mutual respect and improves the transition of skin and wound care across healthcare settings, thus optimizing the outcomes of people with skin and wound issues in the South West LHIN;
  • Being accommodating of cultural diversity and welcoming of diverse opinions;
  • Being non-judgmental;
  • Being polite, courteous, considerate, and kind, and;
  • Striving to do the right thing in every situation.


  • Seizing opportunities to use our creative skills to bring new ideas forward to solve unique skin and wound care challenges across all healthcare settings;
  • Adapting to changing needs by applying progressive and innovative approaches to continually improve the quality of skin and wound care;
  • Taking intelligent risks, informed on research and learning, to drive improvement in skin and wound assessment, management, and prevention practices, and in transition of skin and wound care across healthcare settings;
  • Encouraging creative thought and systems thinking in the development of new ways to work towards the integration of skin and wound care services throughout the South West LHIN, and;
  • Investigate data collection modalities and reporting systems across all healthcare settings in the South West LHIN to ensure quality skin and wound care is being provided and to identify areas for improvement.

Nurturing of Teams and Partners:

  • Continually fostering a collaborative approach in all skin and wound care partnerships;
  • Maintaining a spirit of cohesiveness and cooperation with open and direct communication;
  • Promoting teamwork among ourselves and with our healthcare system partners to leverage knowledge and skills so that we persistently improve skin and wound service thereby enhancing the quality of life of persons with wounds, and;
  • Being engaged team players, recognizing the value of each other's strengths and contributions to the team.

Great at What We Do:

  • Conscientiously striving for professionalism and excellence in our work, always performing at our best;
  • Creating and supporting Learning Collaboratives that foster life-long learning and continuous quality improvement;
  • Being reliable and providing timely feedback;
  • Celebrating actions that are above and beyond what is expected, and;
  • Balancing work and personal life so as not to forgo one at the expense of the other.

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