Resources Based on Wound Bed Preparation

WBP Paradigm

The concept of wound bed preparation emphasizes the importance of a holistic team approach to the care of people with wounds, i.e. thoroughly assessing the person with the wound and their environment before looking at the wound itself.  This concept is visually represented in figure 1, and is the foundation for the organization of skin and wound care resources in this section.

These resources are intended to be used by health care providers involved in skin and wound care, to educate themselves and/or their peers. Please click on one of the buttons below to access the associated resources.

  Treat the Cause Person-Centered Concerns Local Wound Care

1.  Sibbald RG, Orsted HL, Coutts PM, et al.  Best Practice Recommendations for Preparing the Wound Bed: Update 2006. Wound Care Canada. 2006;4(1):15-29.

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