Quality Improvement


Healthcare in Ontario is in the midst of unprecedented change. We, as a system, are moving from a provider-centered global funding approach to a more person-centered, activity-based approach to accommodate a dramatic shift in our population's demographics (the result of an increase in international and interprovincial migration, births and life expectancy) and to address fiscal challenges (i.e. health specific price inflation, costs associated with physician services and hospital care, technological changes and utilization trends).

As a sector we must carefully choose between health priorities so that we can:

  • Best serve patients;
  • Improve quality of care, and;
  • Increase value for tax payers.

Chronic wound care is one such priority. The South West Regional Wound Care Program (SWRWCP) advocates for the integrated delivery of evidence-informed skin and wound care that spans the continuum of care and drives improvement in the outcomes for people with skin and wound care issues in the South West Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN).

What is the Program trying to accomplish?

  • Improved clinical outcomes for those with skin/wound issues;
  • Optimal patient experience;
  • Better utilization of healthcare human resources, and;
  • Effective, efficient, and responsible use of financial resources (including, but not limited to, dressing supplies).

How can we achieve our goals?

  • Develop and adopt standardized evidence-informed wound care practices and educational framework;
  • Expand clinical expertise;
  • Encourage the implementation of new technologies;
  • Expand quality research;
  • Promote an interdisciplinary team approach;
  • Strengthen healthcare sector stakeholder relationships to facilitate seamless transitions of wound patients, and;
  • Implement a system of performance monitoring and quality reporting.

The following PDF documents further explain the Program's plans to implement and measure quality improvement initiatives:

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