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Have a burning question about skin and wound care, and you can’t seem to find an answer on the Program’s website?  Here is your opportunity to ask.

Please submit your question below. The question will be reviewed by at least two Program members, formatted and returned directly to the sender and posted for all to view on this website.

Before sending us your question, please read the following tips for success:

  1. Make sure your e-mail account will accept mail from us (some folks have strong e-mail filters which may result in our response being dumped into your ‘Junk Mail’ folder);
  2. Avoid asking for bulk information, i.e. “Can you please send me some information on diabetic foot ulcers”.  For this kind of information you are better off looking through the Program website yourself. We have carefully organized our resource materials in a number of different ways in hopes of reflecting your organizational though processes. You can also try the search bar at the top of each webpage;
  3. Please send only one question at a time. Multiple questions may not be accepted;
  4. The Program is not willing or able to provide opinions or surveys. The ‘Ask an Expert’ feature is designed to answer specific factual questions that are not commonly found in general reference books, text books, or on the Program’s website;
  5. Political, religious and/or hypothetical problem type questions are strongly discouraged, and;
  6. All questions must abide by the ‘Personal Health Information Protection Act’, 2004’. This means we will NOT respond to any questions that contain:
    • Personal health information, i.e. identifying information that relates to a patient’s mental/physical health, family health history, plan of service, payments or eligibility for health services, health number, or their substitute decision maker’s identify, and/or;
    • Any identifying information that could potentially be used, either alone or with other information, to identify a patient.

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