High Risk - Instructions for Building your Team

Persons with diabetes who are deemed “High Risk” present as follows:
  • IWGDF risk category 3a or 3b
  • Current or previous history of diabetic foot ulceration AND/OR
  • Previous history of amputation
Such people require:
  • Weekly-monthly foot screening by a trained healthcare profession, i.e. you
  • Written and verbal education regarding foot care, foot wear and emergency contacts.You may print the educational materials below and provide/discuss them with your patient.You may also consider referring your patient to a diabetes self-management class, hosted by the South West Self-Management Program.
PDF Diabetic Foot Ulcer pamphlet
PDF Drop Your Socks pamphlet

Persons at “High Risk” also may benefit from a referral to a “High Risk Service”.  Such services provide access to an advanced health care professional (AHCP) who specializes in diabetes, an AHCP who specializes in wound prevention, assessment and management, an AHCP who specializes in systems navigation, PLUS a Physician specializing in wound management, all under one-roof. Unfortunately in the South West LHIN such consolidated services do not exist outside of London at this time.

If you are willing and able to travel to a “High Risk Service” location in London for regular assessment and follow up, click on the Wounds link below and select from the “High Risk Services” listed.  If you are either not willing or able to travel to such a consolidated service in London, assemble a “High Risk Dream Team” for your patient by choosing from the following community resources keeping in mind the essential components of:

  • An AHCP who specializes in diabetes
  • An AHCP who specializes in wound prevention, assessment and management
  • An AHCP who specializes in systems navigation
  • A Physician specializing in wound management

Build Your Diabetic Foot Referral Team

  • Chiropody Clinics
  • Diabetes Education Programs
  • Dietitian Services
  • Foot Care
  • Foot Care - In-Home
  • Home and Community Care - LHIN
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Wounds

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