Wounds Canada Fall Conference

Wounds Canada

The London Convention Centre, 300 York St, London, N6B 1P8

Thursday November 08, 2018 – 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Cost: $275 - $505 + HST per person

Registration: Required

The goals of the Wounds Canada conference are to:

  • Bring together national and international experts in the field of wound prevention and management
  • Assist practitioners to incorporate the most recent scientific evidence, technology and tools into practice
  • Review and discuss the extent and quality of evidence surrounding the prevention and management of different types of wounds
  • Discuss practical, patient-centered, cost-effective approaches to wound care
  • Discuss the policy implications of clinical decisions and vice-versa
  • Provide an avenue for communication between practitioners and industry

Contact : Crystal McCallum
Phone : 519-955-0888
Email: crystal.mccallum@woundscanada.ca

Event Tags:

Conference + Wound Care

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